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O N L I N E    Y O G A

Sumits Yoga with April

Join April for a 45 Minute Sumits Yoga Class.


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Meet April

April started her adventure in 2008 and clearly recalls her first very humbling moment on the mat. From that moment she was hooked as a student and was inspired to become a teacher and then open a Studio.

She realized that at any age, size or skill level this yoga heals the mind, body and soul. She completed her Hot Yoga teacher training in 2009.

She is the studio owner of 
SUMITS YOGA LITTLETON. You'll see and feel her tremendous positive energy all around - whether she's teaching a class, running workshops, holding teacher trainings or even practicing on the mat next to you.  She packs in the clients with lots of love and inspiration. She says that she receives the same feelings when she teaches as she does when she practices and is very blessed for that. Her favorite teachers are her students, especially those new to the mat; the energy they create is inspirational.  

"Anybody can do yoga. It truly changes their lives for the better.”

If YOU want to start a new life changing adventure, try one of April's fun - great music - full of energy classes!

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