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We may be based in Colorado, but we love everyone who wants to join us for yoga! For a small monthly fee, you'll have access to the the Sumits Yoga Classes you know and love PLUS Kids & Family and Yin & Meditation. Namaste all day. All day long!

For new members, click the link for the All-Access Pass. If you're already a member with Sumits Yoga Online, click Login to log into the classes. See you on the mat!

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All-Access Pass

Sumit's Yoga is proud to offer an all-access pass! This pass includes Sumits 60, Sumits 45, Yoga for Kids, AND the Yin & Meditation programs.

$20 Monthly [renews monthly]

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Sumits Yoga

Get access to the traditional Sumits-style yoga in both the Sumits 60 version as well as a 45-minute class too.

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Family & Kids Yoga

Whether you have some littles who need to get the wiggles out, or your kids are getting older, join us for some yoga - family style. A family that namastes togethter, stays together.

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Yin & Meditation 

The perfect complement to Sumits yang-style yoga, quiet the mind and regenerate the soul with yin and meditation.

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